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A.C.E. is now part of INTERLINK International Institutes. The information on this page is outdated.
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A.C.E. Language Institutes offers customized individual tutoring packages to help students prepare for English proficiency exams, such as the TOEFL® and IELTS® tests. The tutoring package is intended to supplement the A.C.E. intensive English core curriculum at all locations, but non-A.C.E. students can also enroll in just the test prep tutoring package. The test prep tutoring package is also available as part of the Flex Program at A.C.E. at SPU. In this test preparation tutoring package, you can:

  • Meet one-on-one with an individual tutor to customize your learning plan
  • Discover effective test-taking techniques and strategies
  • Review English vocabulary and the types of questions commonly found on the tests
  • Identify areas of personal weakness and strategies to overcome these pitfalls
  • Practice the test format in a simulated, timed test environment
  • Receive guidance to help you register for the test.


Meet one-on-one with an individual tutor for 25 hours per session at mutually convenient times


Tutoring costs $750 for a package of 25 hours per session in addition to the integrated Intensive English program fees. Students who are not enrolled in the integrated English program will also need to pay the standard application fee and student services fee.


To enroll, contact your onsite Student Services Coordinator or email for more information.
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"We will introduce you to all sections of the TOEFL, give you test-taking strategies, and give you the confidence to succeed." - A.C.E. at MSU Test Prep Instructor

"We have seen students' scores improve significantly if they commit to this elective with motivation and dedication." - A.C.E. at SPU Test Prep Instructor