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Meet A.C.E. Students

Hear what A.C.E. students have to say.

Mariana  from Mexico

"I am from Mexico City. Studying at A.C.E. is one of the best experiences in my life. Besides, that I have improved my English skills, I have met many friends from different countries too. After my English studies, I am going to study my Master degree in Business at SPU next year because thanks to A.C.E. I have been already accepted for the Master program I want."

Samer  from Libya

"A.C.E. is an interesting school, the teachers are very nice and they teach in a really good way to prepare the students for universities in the United States. Also, I love the idea to have a location for an English school inside the SPU campus. That makes me feel like a real college student. I really like it."

Jesús  from Mexico

"All my skills for writing, reading and speaking have improved each level studied at A.C.E. Thus, I want to express my gratitude to A.C.E. Language Institute for teaching me to write, to read and to speak correctly, for helping and supporting me to reach a Master's degree from the College of Business at Montana State University. Thanks you so much for everything. I am a better person and a better student because of this program. "

Jesús completed A.C.E. levels 1 - 6.

Paula  from Brazil

"I decided to travel to the United States to study English and experience American culture. Originally I came to study in another program, but I decided to change to A.C.E, which has professional staff and good infrastructure. Now, I can see that my English has improved very much!"

"Eu decidi viajar para os Estados Unidos para estudar inglês e vivenciar/conhecer a cultura norte-americana. A cidade de Seattle é conhecida por ter ótimas Universidades, por ser organizada e ser muito receptivel com estrangeiros. Inicialmente, estava matriculada em outro programa de ensino de inglês, mas resolvi transferir para o curso para a A.C.E na S.P.U, a qual possui bons profissionais e uma ótima infra-estrutura, podendo perceber agora a evoluçao do meu inglês."

Dan  from Saudi Arabia

"A.C.E. has many activities that combine SPU and A.C.E students. I've gained many SPU friends. I know more than 50 students! This has helped me practice English more and get ideas about SPU as a school. A.C.E. changed my life, and I accepted the position as Student Council Rep in order to express my thanks and give back to A.C.E.!"

Romina  from Switzerland

"Teachers and staff are kind, professional, and caring about students. A.C.E. is not only an English school, but even a school for life. As a student you have the opportunity to get to know people from different countries, cultures, and religions. It is a well-rounded experience that I suggest to everyone."

Shawn  from China

"I have fantastic and fabulous memories with all the A.C.E staff and students. In my personal perspective, individual tutoring has definitely helped me tremendously. I would suggest to all the international students at A.C.E to not feel hesitant or shy to ask teachers, because they are the key to being successful in English!"

我的名字叫韩骁,我来自中国上海,我到美国已经3年了。前两年我在一所美国高中学习,之后有幸到A.C.E学习了两个月的写作。 虽然在A.C.E的时间不长,但是我却有着非常深刻的记忆。 以我个人来说,A.C.E帮助我大大提高了写作的水平与能力。我想建议所有在A.C.E学习的学生们,不要害羞向老师提问,因为他们才是你通向成功的钥匙!

Mihoko  from Japan

"I chose to study English in the US because I wanted to change careers and improve myself. I wanted to be able to write articles, read journals and attend meetings in English. At first I was going to enroll to UW, but my agent strongly recommended A.C.E. After I visited the A.C.E. office I chose to study here because the staff correspondences were very exact, kind and quick. A.C.E. is a reliable organization. I think this is most important for me.

A.C.E. was very supportive in all aspects of daily life. They gave me housing advice and provided a shopping list for food and restaurants around SPU. My tutor was perfect. She taught me not only English, but a lot of stories of America and Seattle. She really helped me learn American culture. Also, I really enjoyed A.C.E. events such as "Eco hike" and "Girls' night". They were very helpful to understand American and other cultures."

Melih  from Turkey

"I chose A.C.E because of the high quality English language education program. Another big plus about A.C.E. is its location. The school is on Seattle Pacific University's campus. Therefore, students have almost everything they need around them such the library, student union and cafeteria. I was planing to study at A.C.E for only one session, but after I completed my first session, I changed my mind and have decided to keep my study at A.C.E. because I believe that A.C.E has helped me a lot to improve my English and prepare myself for academic life. I enjoy the activities the most such as dinners, parties, canoeing, and other trips. What I have observed since I came here is that A.C.E teachers and workers enjoy spending time and doing activities with students and also they are always willing to answer student's questions and help them. This is something very hard to find at any other English Institute. My plan after A.C.E is doing my Master's degree in Computer Engineering and I think I am at the right place to reach my goal."

Fumie  from Japan

"What I learned at A.C.E. is the practical English. Before I went there, I was not good at speaking and listening. Through A.C.E. classes, communications with teachers and friends there, I've learned many necessary skills. I'm very satisfied that I chose A.C.E. at MSU in Bozeman, since I could get the useful skills, meet wonderful teachers and friends, and spend some time in such a gorgeous, natural area-- as the Big Sky Country.

After coming back to Japan, I returned to the university and graduated. After that, I worked for 3 years for the U.S. branch of a machinery company and went over to the States a few times to help manufacturing transfer, as a interpreter. Then, I finally decided to study translation, especially dubbing and subtitles for films. Now I work for a dubbing and subtitles production company.

I'm very thankful to A.C.E. for helping me learn useful and practical ways to use my English skills and especially, to get confidence. Thanks to them, now I could find my dream, and bring it to a reality!"

Szu-Chin  from Taiwan

"A.C.E teachers are very friendly, and they are helping me learn English.They helped me be willing to try to speak, and it is wonderful. I have made a lot of friends here. I love A.C.E."

EunJoo  from Korea

"I used to get good grades in English tests but the speaking part was one of my weaknesses. Through my studies at A.C.E., I gained much confidence in speaking through various discussion and presentation activities. Also, I made great memories with people from all over the world, including the US."

영어 시험 성적은 잘 나오는 편이었는데, Speaking은 정말 못하는 편이습니다. ACE에서 공부하면서, discussion이나 많은 presentation을 연습하면서, speaking에 대한 자신감을 많이 얻었습니다. 또한, 세계 각국의 친구들은 물론, 미국 친구들과도 많은 추억을 만들 수 있었습니다.

Fahad  from Saudi Arabia

"A.C.E. helped me to be ready for the university. Writing and reading are the most important things each student will need in the university. The material and amount of classes were perfect and totally enough to improve my level."

Hsin-Yu  from Taiwan

"I really had a great time at A.C.E. I got along well with the students and teachers. The best way to improve your English ability is to hang out with people from other countries that you can practice English with. Teachers at A.C.E. are all very friendly and help everybody to solve their problems. I don't doubt that people will have a wonderful experience at A.C.E."

Angela  from Switzerland

"All people are very friendly, good programs, good activities, and good topics in lessons (reading, writing, listening, and speaking). I love this school here!"

Dajin  from Korea

"When I came here the first time, I was worried about classes and communications, but A.C.E. staff and teachers are so kind. And I thought I was good at writing, but actually I'm not. But the teachers, program, and classes helped improve my writing skills. I like conversation class and the variety of A.C.E. activities, too."

미국에 처음 왔을때,수업이나, 커뮤니케이션에 대해 정말 걱정을 많이 했습니다. 하지만, ACE 선생님들과 직원들께서 너무나 잘 해주셔서 정말 좋았습니다. 또한, 영작을 잘 한다고 생각했는데, 실제로 그렇지 못했습니다. ACE 선생님들, 프로그램, 각종 수업들이 제 영작 실력을 늘리는데 크게 도움이 됐습니다. 그리고, 스피킹 수업이나 다양한 ACE 액티버티도 정말 좋았습니다.

Natalia  from Indonesia

"The teachers seriously help the students to improve. They'll help you whenever you need help. They're friendly and helpful. This is a great help to students. We feel at home."

Quyen  from Vietnam

"I like A.C.E. a lot because it is a very friendly school and I get a lot of help from staff."

Musaad  from Saudi Arabia

"I have made a great decision by studying at A.C.E. The most beneficial thing is that I can apply to many universities after I finish level 6."

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Cultural & Social Activities

A.C.E. Language Institutes plans regular activities and trips for students to participate in and practice their English.