Information for INTERLINK A.C.E. Students

Transfer to A.C.E. Language Institutes

If you are currently studying at another institution in the USA, follow these steps to transfer to A.C.E.:

  1. Apply to A.C.E. online - make sure to include the name of the school you are transferring from on the application.
  2. Pay - you will be able to pay the $100 application fee online after you fill out the application.
  3. Submit required documents - email the following documents to
    • Copy of passport
    • Financial guarantee or bank statement
    • Copy of current I-20
  4. Take the A.C.E. Acceptance Letter and Transfer Form to your advisor at your current school.

Once you have applied, paid, and emailed all of the required documents to Enrollment Services we will send you an Acceptance Letter and Transfer Form. Please take both documents to your advisor at your current school. Your advisor will help you fill out the Transfer Form and he or she will send it back to A.C.E.

Your advisor will transfer your I-20 to A.C.E. once you have completed your studies there. Once your I-20 is transferred to A.C.E., we will print your A.C.E. I-20 and mail it to your A.C.E. Language Institute so you can pick it up at the testing and orientation session. * Please let us know if you need your I-20 mailed to you before your start date.

If your are on a government scholarship program and need conditional admission to transfer please contact Enrollment Services before applying.

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A.C.E. Language Institutes have 'No TOEFL' agreements with universities and institutions for undergraduate admission across the USA.


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